New 2010s genre: Dubstyle

Today I learned about a new genre that has spawned in this very very recent decade. It's called Dubstyle, which is a fusion of Dubstep and Hardstyle. Some examples:

Also, Bjork's Mutual Core has a certain sample of Dubstyle around 4:35


Welcome to the 2020s

Following the previous 2010s video, here is a look at the next decade

The Missing Link

The following video shows the missing link i had been looking for a long long time. An explanation to the sudden change of mainstream music that suddenly excluded a lot of the previous diversity of in major record companies.


Future of house music?

Complextro: electro-house + glitch + dubstep = the future of electronic club music?


Visit a year for 6 minutes: The Eighties (Spirit of the time analysis)

Below follows every year of the 80s decade (click on the year to watch the respective youtube video):


Some early observations: The 80s saw the appearance of electronic music and electronic instruments. It is also the decade that saw the appearance of early rap hits, even if they were quite scarce. Also notable the appearance of some 'south-hemisphere' influenced songs in the mainstream, which would later contribute to the 90s jungle scene and to the drum & bass genre and subgenres, despite these scenes not manifesting themselves during the 90s (with some exceptions). The 80s also saw the first hits and rise of the commonly labed Pop Queen: Madonna

In a subjective analysis of the general feel of the decade, it almost sounds as if there is a certain intense and precise sound that made the 80s so characteristic. Part of the reason is the well-known 80s drum beat (with a deep snare) which allows many of the tracks made during that decade to be recognized as being from that decade. This drum beat appears in the early 80s (1980-1985) and becomes more common towards the late 80s (1985-1989)

An interesting observation is to note that 80s music was generally far less complex than contemporary music, even though many 'purists' would have you believe the opposite, by denouncing the simplicity of modern music. The truth is that the range and quantity of tones used in 00s and 10s music is overwhelming when comparing to older decades.


Great Futuristic Article

To break a a bit from the music history routine, and focusing more on the general future trends, here's a great article regarding five technologies that will change the world:



Popular Music Genres Predicted for the 2010s

Here I will talk very lightly of what I think will be the music genre trends for this next decade, that started in 2010.

In the early twenty tens (2010-2015), I think we'll basically see a continuation from the trends started in late 2000s (2005-2009), with genres such as Wonky Pop, Trip-Hop, Glitch-Hop, Grime, Dubstep, Wonky, Electro-House, Fidget House and Electroswing increasing their momentum and continuing their mainstream appeal, with the exception of Alternative-Hip-Hop, which will also continue its mainstream appearance, but has emerged in the 1980s.


Visit a year for 6 minutes: The Nineties (Spirit of the time analysis)

So the next video project out there plans to use tsort's extensive top hits database to document the top 20 hits in each year in music history, from 1900 to 2009.

Below follows every year of the 90s decade (click on the year to watch the respective youtube video):


Some early observations: A huge rise in hip hop and rap scenes, as well as an increase in boys bands/girl bands in the late 90s (1995-1999). We also see rising music genres created within the decade itself appearing the top 20 positions, like Trance, Eurodance, with older genres also gaining momentum, such as House and Techno. The Grunge genre that spawned in the late 80s only goes so far as the first half of the decade (1990-1995).

In a subjective analysis of the general feel of the decade, it almost sounds as if there is a certain laid back, almost naive sound of the late 90s, with more pop and soul acts entering the top 20 positions, in contrast to the more experimental, aggressive and intense sound of the early 90s, featuring more developed forms of rock, and new experimental electronic music.

My main point with this series was, and will be, to show how common complaints of current contemporary music do not fit the stereotype that a certain decade is inherently better than other, especially when looking at their top 20. There are subjectively good and bad songs in this top 20 list, as well as songs less memorable than others. If you think, for some reason, that the past decade and the current one (00s and 10s) is inherently bad, it is worth a reminder that many of the great hits of the past sometimes don't even make it in the top 20.


The Ultimate Video on Top Music Charts, By Year (1900-2009) (Most Well-Sourced Version)

109 years of music history in 11 minutes. Enjoy

This video lists the biggest hit of each year in the 96 source charts. The way that the various charts are combined to reach this final list is described in the described here:


For a list of the music tracks, as well as the source where I got all the information from, check here:


Source warning: "For years before 1950 the source data is quite sparse, so the results should be treated with some caution. For years before 1920 there is so little source data that the results are close to meaningless."


The Evolution of Popular Music By Year (1950-2010) (U.S.A.) (Source: Billboard "Hot 100")

Another music history video, this time exploring Billboard's source. I won't comment on the video itself, since its quite similar to the previous one, using Musicoufitters as a source.

However, any conclusion drawn from the Musicoutfitters video is to be taken with a grain of salt, as it only gathers one source.

Right now I ham finishing the most complete and well sourced video. I will save any comments to when I post it.


What Makes Music Good?

What is the criteria? Are there different kinds of good?

IMO all music taste is subjective. There are, however, some factors that actively condition us into liking music, but at this point i'm only generalizing and inventing as I go on, without any data to back my assertion, so take it with a grain of salt.

IMO, some of the factors that condition us to like a song:

-we can relate to it in the sense that it describes an event that has happened to us, whether that event is pleasant or unpleasant (ie: feeling in love/breaking up)
-we heard it when we were young and its been stuck in our head ever since (nostalgia)
-it describes a complex sentence/feeling in simple terms through analogies
-it is catchy (ie: it relies on simplicity, focusing almost exclusively on the melody line, which is part of the reason why many of us remmember 8-bit era videogame music)

Some personal examples follow (take notice these are only relevant to me)


Welcome to the Twenty-Tens / Tenties (Future Timeline)

This next video intends to be a more realistic look at this next decade, called the twenty-tens or the tenties, featuring the projected main events:

Imagining The Future (Decade Nicknames, Hits) (1920s-2090s)

Here's a small video I made some time ago regarding decade nicknames. The hits I've chosen were pretty much taken from other video and invented by myself


Music Genres Created During the 2000s

Sharing a video I made about the Music Genres created during the 2000s

A longer version can be viewed here

As usual, a disclaimer:

Behold, a comprehensive list of all the music genres created during the 2000s.

Obviously that there are a lot more to include, because there are many genres that will only mature in the future, but have their roots in the 2000s.

Source: Wikipedia, particularly referenced sources.

List of songs/videos used (by order of appearance):

Blonde Redhead - 23 (nu gaze)
Lady Gaga - Just Dance ft. Colby O'Donis (wonky pop)
Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin') (snap music)
dizzee rascal - i luv u (grime)
T2. Jodie Aysha - Heartbroken (bassline)
RUSKO LIVE DUBSTEP 2010 (dubstep)
Jneiro Jarel - Going Home Feat. Micah Gaugh (wonky)
Hadouken! - M.A.D. [music video] (grindie)
WE CALL IT SKWEEE trailer (skweee)
brokeNCYDE - 'Freaxxx' (crunkcore)
David Guetta vs. The Egg - Love Don't Let Me Go (electro-house)
Paris Avenue - I want you (electrotech)
Benny Benassi Satisfaction (official music video)(pumping house/pumptech)
K.I.G. - Head. Shoulders. Kneez & Toez - Out Now!!!(uk funky)
Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro (Kuduro)
Stupid Fresh - Spam Javelin (fidget house)
Micromix Drum & Bass - DJ AnDell(liquid funk)
dj clipz - rubbish (clownstep)
DeeJay Delta - drumem all (techno drum'n'bass)
Wilson Simoninha - Mais Um Lamento(Mad Zoo & Patife Session)(sambass)
FFF - Murder (raggacore)
HORSE the band - The Failure of All Things(nintendocore)
Enter Shikari - Sorry You're Not A Winner(electronicore)
Chelsea Grin Live - 'Lifeless'(deathcore)
Isis -Carry- 2009 (postmetal)