The Ultimate Video on Top Music Charts, By Year (1900-2009) (Most Well-Sourced Version)

109 years of music history in 11 minutes. Enjoy

This video lists the biggest hit of each year in the 96 source charts. The way that the various charts are combined to reach this final list is described in the described here:


For a list of the music tracks, as well as the source where I got all the information from, check here:


Source warning: "For years before 1950 the source data is quite sparse, so the results should be treated with some caution. For years before 1920 there is so little source data that the results are close to meaningless."


The Evolution of Popular Music By Year (1950-2010) (U.S.A.) (Source: Billboard "Hot 100")

Another music history video, this time exploring Billboard's source. I won't comment on the video itself, since its quite similar to the previous one, using Musicoufitters as a source.

However, any conclusion drawn from the Musicoutfitters video is to be taken with a grain of salt, as it only gathers one source.

Right now I ham finishing the most complete and well sourced video. I will save any comments to when I post it.