The Evolution of Popular Music, by year, in the U.S.A. (1890-2009)

After some good feedback from my historical look at dances, I decided to turn my attention to popular music. It turns out there are a generous amount of websites which have recorded, or uploaded recorded data, on the most popular music, during a given year. The main websites I used for sources were "Musicoutfitters" and "Popularsong.org". This link will explain how Musicoutfitters compiled all the information regarding their pop charts.

However, Musicoutfitters only got me so far. For older data, which I should stress out, was very difficult to compile, besides that I cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that it was THE most popular song, only that it was one of THE most popular songs, I had to resort to several other websites and more google searches than I had wish for in order to make sense of it all.

Below then follows the finished youtube video, reaching an incredibly 15 minute size, to which I thank YouTube's new size limit policies.


The Historical Evolution of Dances

After looking at the most seen video on youtube:

I thought, as so many others, what a brilliant performance that was. The fluidity of the video was certainly something I couldn't equal. So, instead, I decided to take a look at history and portray how exactly has single dance evolved since the late 19th century. The video you're about to see was all done with information from Wikipedia (which means that at least its verifiable) and clips from Youtube.

I thank all of those who gladly shared their content for free, to which I thank by linking back to them (in the video info)

Video footage will not always match the original year of the respective dance.



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Many great changes have been brought by this wonderful tool, the internet. I plan to, without any knowledge on the matter, undertake certain social studies, always with a presence of humour, in order to better understand this day and age.

I invite you to appreciate my rants, as some will find them, or my discoveries, as I call them.