The U.S.A. Army loves my video

So apparently the U.S.A. army sent me an e-mail a while ago requesting if they could use my video for some event. I said sure but I was (and still am) quite surprised that they requested it, considering how I have a video about marijuana myths on my youtube channel...

Even so, here is part of the e-mail so you can see how even the government enjoys my futuristic videos:

Good afternoon,
I am the corporate communications officer for the United States Army Recruiting Command. I am creating a briefing to our recruiting commanders, on behalf of my commanding general. The goal is to show how the world is changing as well as the cultural gaps between the older leaders and the youth that we connect with on a daily basis.

I am contacting you in hopes of acquiring permission to download and use your "Welcome to the 2020s (Future Timeline Events 2020-2029)" video that you published on YouTube on 2 September 2011.

Your video, along with a couple others from other sources are exactly what we would like to show to assist in conveying our commander's intent. Would it be possible to obtain permission and access to download it for a one time use at our Annual Leader's Conference?

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.

And here is the video he wanted, if you'd like to rewatch it!

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